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DLT will custom tailor a teaching regimen for your specific group’s needs.  All programs are open to both boys and girls. See some of the services we’ve put together for groups in the past:

  • Small Group Lessons

  • Team Trainer

  • League Training

  • Positional Focus Clinics

  • Progressive Clinics

  • After-School Programs

  • Coaches' Clinics

  • Specialty Training

Small Group Lessons
Small group lessons are a great way to improve aspects of the game that need more than one person, such as stickwork, shooting off of a feed, one on ones, as well as situational game scenarios. Small Group Lessons can be at your house, a local school, or any place that is convenient for you. Click here for more information on small group lessons.
Team Trainer
Our team trainers can come to your team’s practices and run as many practices as you would like.  At these practices, it's common for our trainers to diagnose problems that some of the units on your team may be having and leave you with details on how to correct them.  Please contact us for more details.
League Training
Our primary focus of DLT is to train youth leagues and improve lacrosse IQ’s.  Imagine a team of professional lacrosse trainers at your teams practice site and running the drills for your entire league, both boys and girls.  We’ve run these clinics for as many as 250 participants…It’s like bringing a camp right to you!  Please contact us for more details and references from groups that we’ve trained already.

Positional Focus Clinics
DLT Focus Clinics provide intense training for individual disciplines within the game.  Some of our focus clinics that we provide are goaltending, shooting, dodging, face-off, defense, and speed and agility.  Attendees will be taught by our trainers in only that small facet of the game and then turned loose against the other Focus Clinic participants to get practical experience in a controlled environment.  Check out our Clinics page to see if there are any upcoming Positional Focus Clinics coming up in your area.
Progressive Clinics
DLT lacrosse clinics are a great way for any player to improve their game.  If you’ve ever been to one of our clinics, then you’ll see what we are all about.  Our clinics are for all positions and from time to time have clinics for individual positions and/or aspects of the game.  Our trainers will use new creative techniques to teach fundamentals to younger players that are just starting out and dynamic drills to ensure that older players are learning intricacies of the game. Please check out our Clinics page to see if there are any upcoming clinics in your area.
After School
Our After School program is meant to keep a young player’s stick in their hand at times when they usually are not focusing on lacrosse.  One of the biggest problems with today’s youth is inactivity in the period between the end of the school day and the evening when family reconvenes for dinner.  Our After School program was designed to occupy that time with lacrosse instruction and activity.  Check out our Clinics page for more information on upcoming programs.  Our After School Programs are held at Coastal Sports in Hauppauge.
Hybrid Speed/Skill Training
Our Hybrid Speed/Skill Training is the ultimate combination of high intensity lacrosse training alongside a speed and agility workout. The goal of these sessions is to help each player be quicker, faster and smarter in the game of lacrosse. Sessions are run at a fast pace and designed to bring each players game to the next level.  Check out our Clinics page for more information on upcoming programs.


Coaches’ ClinicsWe understand that the coaches who sometimes donate their time to teaching their children might not always have the newest and most innovative teaching techniques.  That’s why we’ve started DLT Coaches’ Clinics.  We can teach our training methods to your league’s coaches in large groups, or small intimate settings. Contact us for more information.

Specialty TrainingWant to ride the wave of new box lacrosse training. Our trainers can come to you with box goals, box goaltenders and knowledge of box lacrosse beyond anything else on Long Island.  Want goaltending training? Shooting training? Dodging? Defense? Give us a call and we can set that up for you.