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1 on 1 Goaltending


Dear Future Superstar Keeper,

Welcome to the One-On-One Academy of Goaltending. We are now entering our 15th year in 2016, and we plan on building on the One-on-One Academy of Goaltending success. If there is a position in sports that requires attention, it is undoubtedly the lacrosse goaltender, and we will provide this intense training to you.

Getting quality coaching for goaltenders can be a problem. The fact is, most coaches do not have goaltending backgrounds and the player usually gets misdirected, or in most cases, left out as a result. Lacrosse camps that cater to over 300 lacrosse players do not give goaltenders the tools and individual attention necessary to take your game to the next level. The One-on-One Academy of Goaltending was created to address this tremendous need.

We have designed two separate training environments. The Intense Spring Training Sessions are geared towards intense in-season training to enhance the goaltending tools necessary for optimal performance. Goalies will be able to perfect their technique during the season while leading their team to victory. The Summer Goalie Camp is designed to create superior goalie skills through a wide array of drills and repetition. Over a course of four days, each goalie will be monitored closely to assist in improvement.

Through our camps and clinics, goalies will receive the personal attention they have been longing for. Enrollment is limited in each session to provide the best teacher/student ratio. Goalies will be instructed by the best goaltenders and coaches in the game today. Every facet of the position will be carefully covered, including: Stopping, Clearing, Bounce Shots, One on One's, Agility, Screens and Warming Up. Students will have an opportunity to learn everything we have learned over the last few decades.

Our staff was selected based on knowledge and teaching skill. You will learn from experienced goalies who pride themselves on teaching the position. And with the variety of coaches and player styles in our staff, each goalie will learn various techniques to shape their own style of play. There are many ways to make a save, and learning several goaltending methods will help get you ready for any situation.

Sign up today, and maximize your saves!


Jimmy Mule' & Sal Locascio