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Long Island's First & Finest Box Lacrosse Education Program

"If I was US Lacrosse, I wouldn't let any kids play field until they were 10 or 12 years old" - Bill Tierney

Pro Box Fall Instructional Lacrosse Leagues

Program Summary

The Pro Box Fall Instructional Lacrosse League for boys will be made up of 4-1.5 hours sessions.  Each 90 minute session will include individual skill and team concept coaching, active drills, and game play situation.  The first two sessions will be in a clinic setting, followed by two weeks of instructed pick up “game play."   Coaches and former professional players Pat McCabe and Brian O’Keefe will demonstrate and train players in the skills that have given them the opportunity to play lacrosse both professionally, and internationally.  Then they will coach the boys in "live" game settings.



          BRIAN O'KEEFE                                    PAT MCCABE                                   ROBBIE CAMPBELL


With over 20 years of indoor playing and coaching experience, Pat and Brian have traveled across North America playing and coaching in the National Lacrosse League.  As the originators of the Canadian Box Lacrosse Clinics on Long Island, Pat and Brian will now bring their unique style of teaching to Suffolk and Nassau Counties.


Box lacrosse is one of the fastest ways to increase a player's stick skill proficiency and overall effectiveness. Participants will learn box lacrosse skills and how to transfer these skills into their field lacrosse game. The boarded arena keeps the pace of play fast with increased opportunities for ground balls, passing, catching, and shooting on 4 x 4.5 goals against real box goalies.

The fast pace and minimal stoppages lead to more repetitions for everyone and acceleration in learning and mastery of lacrosse skills.  Canadian youth players start playing box lacrosse first and do not transition into field lacrosse until middle school or higher and  have been accelerating their presence in the U.S college game, they are rapidly turning out  some of the most dominant players on every collegiate level (i.e. DI/DII/DIII).

Players will be taught all aspects of Canadian style indoor lacrosse skills including the following:

  • Shooting Accuracy
  • Faking Proficiency
  • Stickhandling In Tight Spaces
  • Pick and Roll Offense/Defense
  • Two-Man Game